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The Relationship Between Mental Health, Religion and Sanity  highlights the concern and explores the evidence which supports the idea that the present operating concept of mental health which is used to treat people with mental  illness is devoid of an inclusion of sanity.  In fact it is the insanity in the society which is accepted as normal which causes the mental illness.  In this presentation, Dr. Davis explores the meaning of sanity and points out how devoid the perspective and understanding of it is so well accepted in treatment  practices and counseling services as well as diagnosis.In addition Dr. Davis intends to show that on the basis of the truth of what sanity means, much of the light will fall on the well established policy makers and powerful in influence in society rather than just the poor and deprived who are considered the most at risk. 


Male- Female Distortion of Divine Image addresses the issue that the most important element in the world of mankind which has been not only overlooked but suppressed, which is the key to resolving the separation and divisiveness of mankind worldwide is the female essence. This distortion is the major error if not manipulation in the interpretation of scriptures which fuels this tragic twist of human perception.


Monotheistic Spiritual Based Treatment is a new paradigm of mental health  therapeutic re-claimation developed by Dr, Ogene l. Davis which occurs only through one ascribing to  the proper belief and practice required by the one God  Who has spoken for Himself and sent prophets to present to all of mankind a common message as well as sent one to model exactly what he wanted man to model to be sane and healthy.  Sigmund Freud came to accept this as his last work in which he stated that monotheism is the only paradigm of thought which can bring about human reintegration in his make-up.  Only trained counselors who ascribe to the same body of teachings and life practice with skills refined to compliment the delivery of this paradigm of treatment benefits are prepared to deliver this human service with the proper results.


Cultural Specific Spirituality  shows that true spirituality is a manifestation of the culture of a people who share a common understanding and practice of the life and practice which is favored by their Creator.  This culture connects them with a knowledge and of the original people of man who before there was consciousness of Divine Law they lived it and had figured  out its normalcy by scientific methodology.  Mental health and addiction recovery can only be reclaimed through those who have re-attached  themselves to this spiritual life of those who have an attachment to this cultural normative power.  Those who are closest to that cultural power are the people of African descent who have not forsaken the superlatives of their spiritual history which is second  to no culture in the world.


The Origin and Nature of Insanity is about clarifying  the fact that insanity is an anti-human influence and did not originate from the human family.  The lecture explains that man has an enemy who’s No. 1 objective is the destruction of mankind. His No.1 strategy is to separate the mind of man from the mind of God.  Mental illness is the offspring of insane influence but it is not an illness. Insanity is a choice.  Mental illness is an unsuspected consequence which is not planned or wanted but is curable. Insanity is not curable as it is not an illness It is a diabolical choice with the intent of destroying human civilization which is predicated upon the lives of those who have sound mental health.  Sound mental health comes only from congruence of the mind of man with the mind of God. Come enjoy this and other continuing education courses in Stone Mountain.

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God Does Not Quit Being God Because People Are Stupid is based on the recognition that the main problem of the epidemiology in the social reality of the world at large today is that good people have been seduced into thinking that God has changed or that He is no longer working and that He is not the source of hope nor is He the answer  as He appears to have been in the past in some historic scriptural records. The title of this lecture is to show people it their own stupidity which has allowed them to be led into such frivolous thinking and behavior  by even more frivolous religious and political leadership.


Monotheism Walking. There is only one monotheism.  Creator only sent one completed instruction  for its practice. Creator  only sent  one human being to instruct and model that expectation in practice for all of mankind exemplifying the conduct  of its practice in every situation in which a human being could  encounter. Encyclopedia Britannica confirms that only Islam as modeled and Islam as taught and modeled by the Prophet Mohammed Ibn Abdullah is the only pure monotheism which means it is the only Monotheism as others have some polytheistic inclusions in them.  No other model will work for what the father of Psychotherapy and Psychology has determined will bring about the reintegration of the human being, vis a vis , make him whole again.  As the Prophet Mohammed was referred to as the Quran walking.  Dr. Davis presents Prophet Mohammed as Monotheism walking as he was sent to be the model for all mankind.


Dialectical Materialism---the Evolutionary Effect of Satanic Scripting explains how Karl Marx did not create dialectical materialism.  Rather, he formulated the occurrence of his observation and his recognition that man was beginning to live out  a message communicated subliminally to him through the power inherent in material obsession.  Dr. Davis explains this is the influence of the satanic manipulative influence in human society  that Marx discovered which is the same as the prophets of God had warned  man of. When dead or unliving matter begins to control and direct the behavior of living creatures who have the power of great rational intelligence, only the satanic can be responsible for it.


The Two Laws is about the summation of the prophets and the laws of God as presented by Jesus and the Prophet Mohammed Ibn Abdullah.  These summations addressed by both of them prove that Jesus and Mohammed both spoke the same message  and were on one accord.  They both upheld the laws of God and confirmed that all the prophets of God spoke the same message and upheld the same laws as long as they came from God. These prove that the message of Paul are not of God, Jesus or the Divine but that Mohammed’s message is.


Trinity, the Enemy of Jesus  brings a factual  presentation to the general populace that the Trinity presents a fake Jesus to replace the truth of the real Jesus so that a false truth could be presented to the world of man by the enemies of God and Jesus.


Jesus, Mohammed and Eschatology are about the fact that Jesus and Mohammed are partners in the fulfillment of prophetic eschatology. Whereas people saw Jesus as one with a forerunner, in fact Jesus was the forerunner of Mohammed. God plans and worked a plan to bring Mohammed into the world basically undetected  because Jesus took up most of the expectation except for a few wise Jews and Christians.


The Myth of the Black Church- the Mirror of the Black Preacher is an attempt to get people to see that it is a false presentation of an institution which does not exist. It is not Black as the original Black Movement started but a makeover into the same Negro/Colored people leadership  with black paint since the Black Movement started with the Nation of Islam and not the church which was always Negro and Colored except for a few who themselves were unpopular within the church..  The Preachers of the present church are more about serving the interest of the slavers rather than the real interest of their own people. This is what they have always done.


The Last Bastion of Chattel Slavery is about showing that the Trinitarian concept is the source of the ideology of chattel slavery and is the ideological smokescreen for the entire plot of dehumanization.  That being said, the so called black church is the carrier and the perpetrator of the continuation of all the slave thinking which keeps the African American in  a self induced psychological state of servility in the world society.


Jesus, Moses and Mohammed all Spoke the Same Message presents the fact that what Moses, Jesus and Mohammed brought to mankind in scriptural form was one message presented in three stages but all a part of one message—the same message which did not receive a name until it was completed by God then given the name Islam which means “peace”.  The names given to the scriptures before he Quran were all manmade names but not from God. In fact, Moses’ and Jesus’ messages both  highlight the truth and the role of Mohammed even though the redactors of the scriptures did their best to conceal this truth but there is enough of it remaining in the Old and New Testament texts to prove this point. The Gospel According to Barnabas,Barnabas being one of Jesus’ disciples, said Jesus even told the disciples that this one to bring the completion would be named Mohammed. Moses made it clear that this prophet would be an Arab.