Dr. Ogene Davis

Dr. Davis is the founder of Human Excellence Behavioral Health Services. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 20 years of experience in treating adults and adolescents. He holds a Master of Divinity degree, a PhD in Counseling with concentrations in addiction and spirituality, and is a Graduate Fellow in Re-decision Therapy.

Imam W.D. Muhammad, the world leader of the interfaith movement with the authorization of Pope John II, said that those who were the best in the Christian faith would be the best in the Islamic faith. In 1972 Dr. Davis became the first African American of Christian scholarship to convert to Islam under the leadership of Elijah Muhammad. No other male convert to the Nation of Islam at the time had been on the same level of religion and philosophy as College Chaplain, Master of Divinity, and with post graduate studies in religion and theology.  The recognition of his moral quality of living and pursuit were central to all of Davis’ leadership and accomplishments.

Dr. Davis has a Monotheistic Spiritual- Based Counseling approach with affirms that there is one God (Creator), one truth, and one humanity. This approach gets to the root of all problems, corrects it and restores natural balance and order to the human being. He offers spiritual counseling & psychotherapy in Stone Mountain in Stone Mountain

More About Dr. Davis

Dr. Ogene L. Davis is the first American and African American to accomplish, with the remarkable level of moral character and development he has, the acquisition of knowledge and expertise he brings as a philosopher, theologian, logician, multifaceted synthesizer of experience and comprehension of religion, culture and mind health   and then converted to the Nation of Islam under the leadership of Elijah Muhammad.  

At the time of his conversion to Islam Dr. Davis had a Master of Divinity degree and post graduate study in theology. He was the only person in the Nation of Islam with his background and with a Master in Divinity degree. He was the first student in the history of Tougaloo College’s Philosophy and Religion Department to receive departmental honors and to receive their Philosophy Award as the best student in the department’s history.

He was awarded a scholarship to do some theological study at Harvard Divinity School and there he studied religion and theology. He studied Deductive Logic also from the Harvard University. He completed an internship of one year through Temple University Community Mental Health Center in which his involvement was to seek ways to bridge the gap between religion and mental health.  The internship was funded by the National Institute of Mental Health. The grant was to Dr. John E. Fryer, a professor and psychiatrist at Temple University. 

After the completion of the internship, Dr. Fryer gave recognition to Davis as an expert in community mental health diagnosis and ideology. Dr. Fred Glaser wrote Davis’ graduate school and suggested he get more credit hours for his internship in that Dr. Glaser thought Davis did better work than some of his professionals in effectiveness with clients.  Dr. Glaser was one of the most highly respected psychiatrists in the state of Pennsylvania at that time in Davis’ development. It was this experience that led to Davis’ decision to leave the church and Christianity to pursue his bridgework between religion and mental health.  


Dr. Davis evolved from the teachings of Elijah Muhammad’s leadership to that of his son Imam Warith Deen Muhammed who brought the most evolved scholarly knowledge, practice, comprehension and contemporary adaptation of the Quranic revelation to the twentieth and twenty first century world.  He did this work through his tafsir to his African American Muslim community during his leadership from 2/1975---9/2008.  This work allowed the world to see the Quran and the Prophet Mohammed in a greater light than they had been seen before to the whole world since the 7th century. No African American churchman has ever been given this recognition or respect nor has any Jewish or White Christian.   

W.D. Muhammed became the interfaith leader to the world with the backing of Pope John ll who is so revered that he was accepted into Sainthood by the Catholic Church in 2015.  Through W.D. Muhammed, The Prophet Mohammed was now being recognized as the centerpiece for bringing the whole world of faith together with the support of Pope John ll. 


During his interfaith work Imam Muhammed said that the best Christians would be the best Muslims. Dr. Ogene Davis falls in this category of credibility. Dr. Davis is a very valuable interfaith resource. His value transcends just the beliefs and tenets of the various faiths. 

Dr. Davis is able to expound upon the mental health credibility of the faiths and grade them in authenticity based on their mental health impacts on the people of the world.   

With a Doctorate in psychotherapy, addiction and spirituality, being a Licensed Professional Counselor and having been ordained in the Methodist and the Baptist churches with the experience also of being a college chaplain and having his own behavioral health practice with a sound moral history, Dr. Davis is able to give an unusually balanced perspective to the world about religion and mental health to the best people of the faiths.   


In addition Dr. Davis can speak as a resource on Islam and Christianity from the perspective of one who has lived, studied and learned both teachings from the greatest of scholars from both faiths. By living both and from study and experience in both synthesized through a high moral crucible of insight, he is better positioned than most to correct misperceptions being spread about both faiths. 

Education & Certifications

International University of Graduate Studies  
Fishkill, NY

Graduate Fellow - Redecision Psychotherapy
Southeast Institute  
Chapel Hill, NC

Post Graduate Studies in Theology, Religion & Ethics
Emory University  
Atlanta, GA

Masters of Divinity - Theology
Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC)  
Atlanta, GA

Theological Studies/ Deductive Logic
Harvard University  
Cambridge, MA

Bachelors in Philosophy and Religions
Tougaloo College
Tougaloo, MS

Temple University Community Mental Health Center
National Institute of Mental Health  
Philadelphia, PA

Drug Abuse Challenge to the Black Community's Health Forum
Morehouse School of Medicine
Atlanta, GA

Middle Georgia Conference on AIDS
Middle Georgia College  
Macon, GA

Addiction Counseling Training
Hazelden Institute  
St. Croix, MN

Addiction Training
Dekalb Addiction Center  
Atlanta, GA


Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

Certified Master Addiction Counselor

Certified Clinical Criminal Justice Specialist 

Certified Cultural Competence Trainer of Trainers

Certified Domestic Violence Counselor IV 

Certified Forensic Addictions Examiner

Certified Leadership Trainer for Behavioral Health